Exporting and Importing from IndexedDB

A recounting of exporting and re-importing a large amount of data from IndexedDB


My Blog vs Working Notes

What differentiates my notes from my blog and why both are useful


Understanding Vercel lambda size errors

The story of how I stumbled upon, explored, and came to better understand lambda size errors when deploying Next.js to Vercel


How to add an RSS feed to a Next.js site

In this post I show how I added a RSS/Atom/JSON feed to this site and how you can do so for any Next.js site


Parsing text to render custom react components

How I used simple-text-parser to convert text with shortcut commands into richer react components


Building my blog

How I built a solid writing experience with only a little over-engineering


Reverse Engineering GitHub’s Color Contrast Algorithm

I’m working on a tool called autobot that works along side auto to help library authors automate deployments on PR merges. For a particular feature that I’m working on, I needed to render a replica of GitHub’s labels in the body of a PR. For such a simple problem, there are a ton of challenges. In this post, I’m going to talk about one challenge in particular.