May 6, 2021

My Blog vs Working Notes

A few weeks ago I added a notes section to my site. I use for note taking and there's a publish feature that let's me ship notes to a part of my site with the click of a button. Technically that's not all that different then how I built this blog to publish automatically from notion. From a creative perspective though, they're entirely different.

A note to self

I'm trying to write a lot more notes these days. As I'm working on a project, I'll have Obsidian open in a different window and I'll write about the process I'm going through as I'm going through it. I find that it's incredibly helpful when I come back to my project to be able to reference these notes and pick back up where I left off. These notes are written to me, by me, for me... It just so happens that I'm also sharing them with you. I think there's something distinctly humanizing about seeing the raw thoughts of someone laid out on a page. You can see where I struggle with ideas. When my ADHD kicks in and drives me to a different idea. How I learn new concepts and the things that I care deeply about.

The thing is, I have no expectations for my notes. I don't expect anyone else to either. It's freeing in a way.

Back to blogging

The modality of blogging is much different than notes. I don't blog in the moment of doing a thing. I blog after I've learned a lesson or struggled with a thing. It's always an after the fact that this sort of writing occurs. Given that I am ADHD, it can also be extremely hard to get myself to sit down and focus on the task of writing. In the end, that ultimately is what blogging is all about for me. Refining the art of writing by doing so intentionally.

Of course, it doesn't have to be that way. Perhaps for you it's different. That's totally okay! For me though, for now, this is just how it is. At the end of the day, my blog posts will always lag behind where my head is at. I just hope that over time the quality of the content here continues to grow.

Future writing plans

The week after next I'll be joining the Recurse Center (RC) to learn, explore, and grow. My plan is to commit to writing regularly during the weeks that I'm there. Feel free to check back on the blog to see recaps of what I've been doing, but if you want an in-progress peek at what I'm working on day to day I'll keep my RC notes here.